“15 years went by faster than I originally thought it would,” co-owner Steve Carlson

Even though Performance Press opened in the fall of 2006, plans were underway to open the shop months before. Tim Mallatt and Steve Carlson, present day owners of Performance Press Incorporated, aspired to start their own printing company and knew it was best to use their combined experience of 40 years in the printing industry to create present day Performance Press Inc.

While we as employees and customers, celebrate the last 15 years, we wanted to give a little extra congratulations to our co-owners by diving into some questions about the businesses and give them a chance to spread a little wisdom!

When asked what the biggest accomplishment this far was, Steve, even though laughing at the question, answered, ‘Staying in business!” Even though he may have chuckled, his answer was pretty truthful. Sometimes small businesses do not make it, and he is very grateful to still walk into the press room with the presses running full time. Tim’s answer was similar, he also added, “Not only staying in business, but staying in business after the 2008 economy, when a lot of small businesses shut down.” Overall, both co-owners expressed a copious amount of gratitude for all of the support they have received and are still receiving from the Brandon community and surrounding area.

After having a good laugh remembering all of the fun and exciting projects they have had throughout the years, Tim recalled one of the biggest projects to come through the doors was 75,000 booklets that included 40 pages, and even though it took some time to get it wrapped up, it was definitely a success.

Speaking of a good laugh, people always talk about how you should reflect on the past years and what you would have done differently. When asked what these two co-owners would have done differently, both had a toothy grin with no hesitation saying, “We should’ve started 15 years earlier!”

“We should’ve started 15 years earlier!”

Tim Mallatt and Steve Carlson, co-owners of Performance Press Inc.

The past 15 years have been full of gratitude, hard work, determination, and fun along the way. When asked what their hobbies were outside of working long hours, Steve said, “Anything at the lake!” He also added he loves doing anything his family is doing, and loves hanging out with his kids and grandchildren. Tim said he has many hobbies, but more often than not you can find him fixing tractors, flying planes or out on a motorcycle ride.