Your card design is flawless. Beautifully laid out on the computer and you feel it’s ready to print. But wait! You can’t let that beautiful piece of artwork go on just any kind of paper.

We believe that your unique identity should shine when going to print. 

Research has shown the more you can allure to a person’s five senses the better chance your brand will have at making an impact on memory.

That’s why we are giving you a backstage pass to our top 5 favorite print piece finishes, so you can be in control when it comes to printing your next project with us.

Edge/ Painted Edge

The “edgy” finish is one of a kind and is a strong way to make an impact. This is a 32 pt thick card, making it feel more solid and upscaled than the regular 12 pt or 14 pt paper normally used with business cards. These can withstand lots of handling and shuffling, making them a smart investment to spread your unique brand. These edge cards also come in colors – making your options numerous when it comes to standing out in a crowd of other business cards out there.

Foil Stamped

This finish is an excellent way to stand out in a sea of printing. The foil and paper creates a strong contrast and reinforces eye catching qualities of the print piece. The foil allures to the sight sensory, as well as, touch. The foil is stamped into the paper, and when this happens, the die makes an impression in the paper, leaving behind a slight texture where the foil is placed. This finish is a great way to create a high end appeal for your audience!

UV Coating/ Spot UV Coating

This is one of the coolest trends emerging in the printing industry. UV coating is a liquid “laminate” dried by way of lights. It’s phenomenal at making colors really pop, and when used with blacks and blues it creates a wet appearance. When we say it compares to a laminate, we mean it has a good abrasion resistance, so it really helps to coat the paper to protect it from scratching. Spot UV coating is also a popular way to make an impact as you can chose which parts of the card to coat and which you would like to leave un-coated.  This is a great way to make the eye drawn to certain elements on the print piece.

Velvet Lamination/Suede Lamination

This soft touch finish will have your audience hooked with the suede like texture and gives them the opportunity to envision how holding elegance feels. The lamination is also a way to make a more durable product last longer. Nothing beats combining function and fashion!

High Gloss/Aqueous Coating

This is another type of “lamination”. The functionality of this type of coating is great when it comes to protecting the card from oils, grease, and scratching. The high gloss coating is great at making vibrant colors pop with color. Since it is a lamination, this also increases the life of the print piece and can easily be an eye catching piece with the high sheen the lamination provides.

Time to Print!

If you have considered all the options above and are still having troubles making a decision, feel free to stop in, or call us, to discuss which finish will give your identity the most potential. Our staff is well trained on making your project unique to you and is well educated in every aspect of the printing process to give you the edge you need to stand out among a sea of print projects.

Happy Printing!