Let’s face it. We all have the one project that didn’t turn out right, maybe a whole week of projects not going correctly. Even the most experienced printers sometimes have u-turns when it comes to the final printing of a project. For those crazy enough to make a living printing we deal with them everyday, but if there is one thing I have learned, it is that mistakes make us better at what we do and sometimes can actually make the project more interesting in the long run. We wanted to share our experiences with you, maybe to help you out or make you laugh a little!


– Designer Experience

I was working on decals to go on a race car once. It was an awesome design and we had completed the proofing process, however; as I was just finishing the printing of both sides of the decal, we found out that the numbers were to short for regulation and we had to redesign the letters to fit and REPRINT the decals!!! This was terrible, as they were over 96″ long, full color, lots of material and lots of ink. I learned that day to always gather as much information as you can about a subject you are not familiar with before trying to design.


– Pressman Experience

With over 40 years of experience, projects still go wrong sometimes. That’s why I always tell people that my job is more of an art rather than a skill, because I am still learning new things to this day. There was a big job I was running and ended up accidentally running it backwards! The paper had gotten flipped around and I was printing the wrong way. I’ve seen lots of other things on various projects such as cracked ink, improper photo resolution, and sometimes even the wrong color!

Often times people think that printing is just pushing the button on the printer. But as you can see, there is a lot more that goes into printing, such as making sure your design is flawless in errors, and even correcting the wrong ink color!!! It’s a skill that gets easier everyday, but is never mastered.

We hope you enjoyed our short stories, and wish you the best when designing your project! Never be afraid to give us a ring if you are in a pickle. We are here to help. Just remember to slow down, double check, and triple check before you send to print!