So, you have some great artwork and your ready to get it printed.



Just because you have artwork and it looks nice and sweet on the computer. Let’s make sure that it’s also nice and sweet for printing.


Step 1: What you need to know about bleeds.

The printers don’t print to the edge of the sheet. Ever. We trim the excess paper off to make it look like the ink is going off the sheet of the paper. In order to achieve bleed you MUST have at least a .125″ bleed (overhang) on your artwork.


Step 2: Font issues and the RULE OF THUMB.

Ah, here is where we all get into trouble sometimes. There is certain instances where it is okay to break the rules….but only if you know the rules. Speaking of rules, a “good rule of thumb” is never, ever, get your type within a .25″ of the cut. It’s an easy rule, but lots of designers forget.


Step 3: What are crop marks?

Crop marks are not necessary to include in your pdf when you send to us because of how we set your project up. As long as we have the final size you would like, and your file contains the necessary bleeds, we can do the rest.


Step 4: Send it to us!

All of these steps are complete and your file is ready to send, make sure you are sending it in pdf format! This way we can ensure your project turns out the best it can!